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Green Theme

Recently, I was cooking and noticed that all of my flavor, or condiment ingredients were of the color green. Visually, I thought, "Oh, what a lovely composition of green hues!" I started taking some photos, rearranging the objects, not really happy with the results. It was just green! I thought that this wonderfully monochromatic ensemble of herbs and citrus was just going to be peachy keen. Well, that's where 'peachy keen' comes in [I know, I'm dating myself], but recently, I was listening to a color expert who was speaking about interior environments, and the one concept that I took away from this lecture was the need importance of color contrast. Somewhere in the room environment, there needs to be an accent of the contrasting color (directly opposite on the color wheel) to direct the eye to a focal point. I needed something in the red (or peachy) family. Well, I was in the middle of making dinner, so I didn't have enough time to create a new 'set' [which there will be another blog post about cooking to eat and cooking to photograph], but I changed my angle to include a little bit of red in the tablecloth.

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