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My World Famous Chicken Francese

This is our ultimate comfort food. I am going out on a limb here and sharing my secret recipe, if you can read it (Don't worry, I can't read it either). It's kind of my recipe, adopted from Lidia Bastianich while I was watching her show on PBS a few years ago. I hastily grabbed a nearby pad (coincidentally, something I bought in Venice) and scribbled the ingredients as I watching. I have to say that my first few attempts were disappointing (strong lemon flavor, overcooked, etc), but absolutely no fault of the recipe that Lidia was demonstrating, but more to my inept ability to take quick notes. I was assuming some things that I thought I may have missed, like adding extra lemon juice when all you need is the lemon flavor from sauteing the lemon slices, and of course not monitoring the heat level that works for my stove top. I never gave up, and finally can make a consistently wonderful francese. Practice. In the near future, I will post the complete recipe.

So, my husband and I have had a difficult year. We had a devastating fire to our family business, and not long after, he became very ill (but recovering well). As we go through the recovery process, food has been a focal (grounding) point for me, and interestingly enough, I have been given a new food challenge... how to make a (homemade) low fiber diet. It's easy to buy the low fiber crap in the supermarket, but when you are used to buying fresh veggies and growing your own, it's harder to manage than you think. It's a good thing that all of the ingredients for this dish meet the criteria. Happy!

I will surely have to post my adventures in flavoring and enhancing canned vegetables for a low fiber diet. Quite a challenge.

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