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New Year's Champagne & a Mini Photography Lesson

If you read my post yesterday, I only posted some of the bad things that happened last year. I promised the list of the good things, but I don't think I need to do that. I'll just share those goods things and how I am applying them as I move forward. This actually wasn't supposed to be a post, but as I was taking (not making, just yet) the photograph, I started seeing things in the photo I may not have been aware of a year ago. I started seeing the things I DON'T WANT in a photo. If you are a professional photographer, you don't need to read any further. You know this already. This is just me, working out what you guys already know. Maybe it will help someone else, maybe not.

It started like this. Today, we finally popped the cork on the champagne we were going to have New Year's Eve. I LOVED the stainless steel label. Gotta photograph it, right? Well, here was the first shot. Please forgive me, I am using a new lens (Canon 100mm 2.8 IS; Christmas present to myself) for the first time and I haven't found it's sweet spot yet for product photography.

I was shooting this in natural light, so I thought. On the left, you can see incandescent light from my kitchen lighting. So off it goes. Next...

Hmmm, that red is still there. Oh, it's my RED Giants sweatshirt on the kitchen chair. So off it goes...

Okay, still some unwanted color elements, but I need to share one of the best things I learned this year. White Cards (and reflectors). It could be white paper, white foam core, aluminum foil, a mirror or even a chef's hat (used recently to photograph a chef). On this shot, just needed to light up the left side of the label. I positioned the white foam core to the left and under the label, which also blocked out the color cast from something in my kitchen. It was positioned pretty close to the bottle, but since I was focusing only on the label, the foam core was out of the frame.

So, the final shot is still not perfect. I was shooting on a tripod but was too lazy to go get my cable release. Also, at f8, I thought it would be in focus, but since I am dealing with a macro lens, I guess I goofed, so please don't berate me too hard.

The moral of this story is... I am not a professional. I am working through things I have learned this year. I am committed to shooting more this  year. You can watch online workshops, like creativeLIVE, which I HIGHLY recommend, but if you don't shoot, you won't improve. After the tough year I've had, I am committed to shooting more and take the (painstaking) time it takes to improve my work. Yes, painstaking. But it will be worth it.

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